Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP)

The LCTOP program provides funding to transit agencies on a formula basis to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve mobility, with a priority on serving disadvantaged communities. Projects include new or expanded bus or rail services, or expanded intermodal transit facilities. Eligible costs may also include equipment acquisition, fueling and maintenance, and other costs to operate transit services or facilities associated with eligible project types that reduce GHG emissions.

What Types of Projects Will It Fund?
Additional Eligible Costs
Other Things to Know
What Types of Projects Will It Fund?
Examples of eligible costs include:

Expanded transit service.

Transit center/stop improvements.

Electric buses and charging infrastructure.

Solar installations.

Free/reduced transit fares.

Bike lockers.

Ticket vending machines and/or electronic fare equipment.

Ferry service.

Transit signals and/or designated lanes.

Active transportation infrastructure.

City rail service.

Project Size/Cost (2018)

Large Projects:
21 projects awarded >$1 million

Medium Projects:
71 projects awarded between $100,000-$1 million

Small Projects:
60 projects awarded <$100,000

Additional Eligible Costs

Equipment acquisition.



Operational expenditures that increase transit mode share.

Expenditures related to the purchase of zero-emission buses, including electric buses and the installation of necessary equipment and infrastructure to operate and support zero-emission buses.

Other costs directly linked to the operation of services or facilities.

Other Things to Know

Funds are distributed on a formula basis; 50% to regional entities based on the ratio of the population of the area under the jurisdiction to the total population of the state; and 50% to transit operators based on the ratio of total revenue of each operator during the prior fiscal year to the total revenue (fare) of all operators in the state. California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) invites eligible agencies to submit and Allocation Request. Allocations are approved for projects that meet all requirements as specified in the program guidelines.

In 2018, 155 projects received nearly $97 million. More than 130 projects totaling $87 million will benefit disadvantaged and low-income communities.

Caltrans conducts 6-8 workshops to assist agencies with their application package (allocation requests) at multiple locations throughout the state.

The Caltrans’ LCTOP branch is available for email inquiries about the LCTOP program and for allocation request assistance at lctopcomments@dot.ca.gov.

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