Infrastructure State Revolving Fund (ISRF)

The ISRF program provides financing to public agencies and nonprofits, sponsored by public agencies, for a wide variety of infrastructure and economic development projects (excluding housing). ISRF program funding is available in amounts ranging from $50,000 to $25 million with loan terms for the useful life of the project up to a maximum of 30 years.

What Types of Projects Will it Fund?
Other Things to Know
What Types of Projects Will it Fund?

City streets.

County and state highways.

Drainage, water supply, and flood control.

Public transit.

Goods movement-related infrastructure.

Parks and recreational facilities.

Water, sewage, solid waste facilities and management.

Educational, cultural, and social facilities.

Environmental mitigation measures.

Power and communications facilities.

Defense conversion and military infrastructure.

Public safety facilities.

Industrial, utility, and commercial facilities.

Sources of FInancing Repayment

Water, sewer, and other enterprise revenues.

General fund revenues.

Property assessments.


Special ttaxes.

Other recurring revenues acceptable to IBank.

Other Things to Know

Applicants must demonstrate project readiness and feasibility to complete construction within 2 years after financing approval.

IBank administers the loan program and encourages interested parties to contact an IBank representative prior to applying. IBank representatives provide technical assistance and will work with applicants throughout the process.

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