Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant

What Types of Projects Will It Fund?
Other Things to Know
What Types of Projects Will It Fund?

Complete streets plans.

Active transportation plans (including bicycle, pedestrian, and trail master plans).

Bike and pedestrian plans with a safety enhancement focus (including Vision Zero plans).

Studies, plans, or planning methods that assist transportation agencies in creating sustainable communities and transit-oriented development.

Context-sensitive streetscapes or town center plans.

Traffic calming and safety enhancement plans.

Development of the regional Sustainable Communities Strategy.

Community-to-School studies or Safe Routes to School plans.

Community mobility needs assessments.

Studies, plans, or planning methods that advance a community’s effort to address the impacts of climate change and sea level rise.

Studies that promote greater access between affordable housing and job centers.

Studies to improve access to social services and other community destinations for disadvantaged communities.

Rural planning studies or plans that provide rural counties with the ability to develop active transportation plans.

Studies, plans, or planning methods that address environmental justice issues in a transportation-related context.

Project Size/Cost

$1 million

$50,000 (disadvantaged communities); $100,000 (all other communities)

Other Things to Know

Emphasis on community engagement.

Nonprofits and Community-Based Organizations (501c3) can be part of the proposal and can play a big role in community engagement and development of the plan.

Does not fund construction or programs, but can help to develop a plan critical to getting implementation funding.